"Vampirism is both a state of being and a life path. A true vamp acquires the "vampiric soul" when born and so must awaken to it in the life ahead. All true vamps have their own time line in their awakening and the development of any abilities. Some vamps know of their energy needs early in life and some later.

I knew as a child about my bloodlust when I would hide in a closet to be alone and away from prying parents and feed upon myself. I noticed my pranic and psychic energy needs later as a teen in crowds while at music events. Vampires are energy feeders and feed off the blood and psychic and pranic energy of others. This need varies among all as does the level of ability. Blood energy feeds us, it does not make us. Many awaken at different times of their lives to the "bloodlust and pranic energy needs that vamps have, but they all have one thing in common, and that is they are vampire and were when they came into this world.

One of the typical myths of the film industry is to become a vamp by a "bite" or this "blood transfer". Blood is energy for the energy feeder. Blood contains many compounds and easily will make anyone to vomit when ingested too much. All vamps who are energy feeders of blood have their own levels of need and tolerance.

There are vamps who are blood energy feeders and those who are psychic feeders, but many combine elements of both. The psi energy feeders seek the pranic or "life force" energy of others. This could include the aura or empathic energy. Some psychic vamps feed successfully on the emotional energy of many around them. Many therefore like to be among crowds where there is much energy flowing. This could be a music concert is the sexual pranic energy that makes for a great feed for the psi vamp. or in the nightlife of the city. And then there Most vamps combine many ways for successful energy feeding.

Survival and health depends on this availability of donors. Religion plays no role in the life of a vampire. It's role is independent of being a vamp. I knew of a catholic vamp some years ago. In all the body dies, but many believe the vampire's soul lives on, I am not sure of this, but know it came with me when I came into this life. In the darkness of shadows..

- Damien Daville, Vampire Church


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