"It is important to understand that vampires differ in both needs and abilities. True vamps are simply energy feeders. But unlike any that a human would need and experience. We "need" the energy that we are "able" to obtain. A human may like the taste of blood, a vamp needs the energy from it. Vamps are also known for their psychic ability to manipulate the mental and emotional energies of others to their energy satisfaction.

"We normally have keen senses that are more able to pickup on the energy and aura of others. Most humans have a lower sensory ability. True vamps do not stay well long without having this blood and psychic energy. That is why we have a need for it for our health. Vamps normally can sense another vamps presence, unlike humans who would not even know we were there. This is why we can blend in well with human society. True vamps can connect well since we normally "sense" more than most humans. Some vamps have empathic ability but I believe this is rare. This is the ability to probe into the minds and motivations of others. Now, as vamps, we can also block another vamp's attempt at connecting to our energy space. Just like humans enjoy sex, we go further in taking the life force or pranic energy in sex and combining it with other sources for our appetites. Vamps normally have good sexual appetites, since we are aware of the energy and sense it and need it. We are parasites on this energy of others. Vamps are not vamps because they want to be or because someone else wants then to be. This is important to understand. This is no club. And I don't care what anyone says, vamps don't make other vamps. If you are vampiric, your vampirism will manifest itself in time with it's needs and abilities which differ with all of us. The time differs for all. With me, my vampirism was manifesting itself when I was a child of about five to six. I noticed I had a need for my own blood, other needs and abilities for me came later.

"Vamps are energy feeders of a different sort than humans. This is a need to remain healthy. Vamps have abilities and sensory perception that is lacking in ordinary people, and so find that they have needs for this energy whereas ordinary people may just enjoy it. Vamps cannot remain in good health without the energy components of blood or psychic/pranic energy. There are really no differences between vamps and other people in the flesh but the differences lie in the inner energy of the soul. This inner energy of the soul of a vamp is passed on in this soul from those before. This may be thought as immortality of this energy soul. And vamps who come into this world have this soul, but may well "awaken" to the manifestations of this soul thru the development of abilities and needs that are characteristic of being a vamp. I have described these before. This "awakening" may happen at different times in the life so it varies from one to another.

"But this self discovery will happen when it will irregardless of any influences of others. It is possible that anyone could have this energy soul of a vamp but has not realized it yet. All things happen at different times for all. Normally by adulthood, a true vamp will come to realize the abilities and needs of a vamp and therefore will come to know this about himself. The psychic vamp feeds in different ways. I know that being an empath, I can easily discern the mental and emotional energies of others and thru my own manipulation of that energy can easily absorb and use it for my benefit. Then there are other unwanted psychic energies and emotions such as that related to hostility or mental depression that I try to shield myself from. Psychic feeding is an ability that you come to realize you have and can use. A vamp is able thru heightened sensory perception to perceive this energy and so learn to manipulate it and gain the energy charge from those emitting it. It is an ability once found that takes time learning. All people give out energy, mental and emotional, that a vamp can learn to "absorb" with his abilities and heightened sensory perception. But remember, any ability takes some learning and practice. It is not just possible that vampires have superior cognitive and mental abilities, I and several others already know that we do. The abilities and needs of energy vampires that I have already described to you in detail tell you this. As for any biological differences, there are none if any that I see, except for the preponderance for the blood and it's elemental energy. The differences we have is in sensory ability which is superior which enables us to seek and utilize the energy sources we seek, be it from blood or of the mind. Any process for analytical approach for recognition and scientific discovery does not concern me, it would be setting me and other true vamps up for ridicule."

- Damien Daville, Vampire Church


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