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Anarchist Vampires
Types of Vampires Accepted: All
Basic Beliefs: Anarchist beliefs vary from vampire to vampire. In general, Anarchists don't follow the rules of any Vampiric House either out of ignorance or out of choice. Unawakened vampires are almost always Anarchists until they realize what they are. Other Awakened vampires choose to live life on the edge, sometimes alone, sometimes in small groups, often choosing the name of Coven or Clutch.
Examples of Houses: There are none.

Autarchic Vampires
Types of Vampires Accepted: Blood, Emotional, Psychic/Psi and Sexual
Basic Beliefs: Beliefs from this group vary greatly, although a common theme is the wish for freedom and a lack of organized hierarchy. Autarchic Vampires pride themselves on their independence, yet at the same time seek others for companionship and emotional support. They are separate from the Anarchists because they do believe in rules, however these rules vary from vampire to vampire. Most tend to follow the 13 Rules. While not having a formal hierarchy, Autarchic Vampires do defer to others within their Sect, usually to those with greater experience, wisdom or power.
Examples of Houses: While not a house, the Sanguinarius website acts as a focal point for these vampires, as does her irc channel, #SANGUINARIUS.

Council Vampires
Types of Vampires Accepted: Blood, Emotional, Psychic/Psi and Sexual
Basic Beliefs: These Vampires believe they are Immortal, in the sense that they are constantly reincarnated to come back to Earth. They also believe they are here on Earth to aid and guide human beings in their quest for enlightenment.
Examples of Houses: There are 22 Houses, although the 4th House was recently absorbed by the 1st House. Each House if led by an Elder, and each Elder sits on the Council.

COVICA Vampires
Types of Vampires Accepted: All + Lifestylers & Occultists
Basic Beliefs: COVICA or Council of Vampyric International Community Affairs Vampires are made up of lifestylers, fetishists, learned vampires and real ones. They have set up their own subculture complete with a 'scene' and their own language. They strive to unite all the Vampiric Houses of all the Sects.
Examples of Houses: Delimortae, Kheperu, Mavenlore, Sabretooth(Sub-Houses: Sahjaza, Rose and Omallie), Vampire-Church

Dark Templar Vampires
Types of Vampires Accepted: Varies on the House, but generally Psychic and Learned Psychic Vampires
Basic Beliefs: They believe the Vampire is a dark being, and due to it's superiority over humans, will eventually rule the world. Humans are food and nothing more. Many have Satanic beliefs and consider Vampires an archetype as opposed to an actual entity.
Examples of Houses: Black Order of the Dragon, Drakul Order of the Dragon, Society of the Dark Sun, Temple of the Vampire

Neutralist Vampires
Types of Vampires Accepted: Varies on the House.
Basic Beliefs: Neutralist Vampires are Houses that either don't fit into one of the pre-mentioned Sects, or choose not to be affiliated with them. They are also Orders or belief systems which sometimes conflict with the predominant view of their Sect, and so they are included here instead.
Examples of Houses: Blood Dragons, Candle, Osiris, StGermaine
Examples of Orders: Cainites, Lilans, Nephilists, Setians, Starseeders, Xanastasians

by Narradas


Defining a True Vampire


The Thirteen ‘Rules’

Understanding Vampirism


Psi and real vampires

Psi Vampirism

Psychic attacks


Empathy and Telepathy

Astral Projection


Developing Shielding

Feeding and Bloodplay

The Media and Role-Players


Houses and Sects