"Pranic vampirism provides a dense energy feed. One usually only needs small amounts of the donor's blood (maybe an ounce or more) depending on your energy needs. It is important to note that vampirism is both need based and ability based. In blood vampirism, there is an ability to use the life giving energy of blood and a need for it's dense energy concentration.

The problem with many is finding safe donors. I recommend care in blood feeding and blood play. Use a sterile and stainless razor blade or lancet device and some type of anti-infectant such as peroxide after the fact. I do not recommend using teeth to puncture the skin. This can be dangerous for direct contact of one's mouth with the inside blood of the skin. One should also keep in mind that blood is a natural emetic and will cause one to vomit if ingested too much and if one is both not use to blood feeding or has never drank blood. The attributes of blood are that it provides a dense form of the "life" energy and so can do so in small amounts at a time. The problems that arises is finding safe donors and practicing safe blood feeding. Care is an important concern. Just about all with true vampirism have some psychic vampirism but not as many are true need based blood feeders.

Psychic vampirism encompasses the abilities to "absorb" empathic or psychic energy from others nearby. Most true vampires have some ability to do this. There are some who have empathic ability (and I have met many with this) who can successfully absorb the emotional energy of others. This is a double edge sword however and so results in taking both positive and negative emotional energy. The well developed vamp however can dispose of the negative unwanted emotions in preference for wanted emotions of love and enjoyment. There is much diversity here however in the kinds of wanted emotional energy. Many are quite successful in absorbing or the taking of psychic energies in the mentality of other people and this can occur in the verbal and physical energies one receives from the exchange between those around you. In being sociable… can one easily feed on the mental auras of those immediately around you. Psychic vampirism however is not as reliable an energy source like the pranic sources of blood and sexual energies. There is more space for a lessor energy exchange with psychic vampirism. That in turn requires more of this energy for a successful feed. The energy is more elusive and requires good ability to assimilate and use it. But for those without the benefit of a safe donor for blood vampirism, psychic vampirism is a good alternative that allows one to keep well fed.

It does require the presence of people around you. I take some days and spend them alone and with other days take the time for the nightlife of clubs and parties or even music shows and concerts where the psychic energy is usually more plentiful. Some energy can be had thru elemental sources such as storms and other weather phenomenon. This can be useful if the psychic vamp can tie into it. Combining both pranic and psychic sources make for the best energy feeds. This is not always possible but is a goal for true vamps. Everyone is different in ability and need, but one must make the best use of what is available around you. In vampirism, the ability to multi source contributes to greatest wellness. For it is this lack of our feeds that contribute to our headaches and depression and the emotional and mental trauma we know too well in this life.

I am a 44 year old vamp and knew of my bloodlust as a child when I would hide in the closet and feed upon my self. My empathic abilities and desire to psi feed came later as a teen. During most of my adult life as an energy feeder, I have been a blood/psychic vamp and found that I quenched my thirst with some blood energy feeds a week, but found myself subconsciously psi feeding all the time on the emotional and mental energy of anyone around my space. Then came the time I found that combining my feeding during sex became the ultimate energy feed for me, and then I sent out for this in my hunts all the time. I realized that I was living for those moments and nothing more. My energy needs were well met as long as I sensed a worthy partner whom freely gave me this ultimate feed. There would be dining in a club with free flowing conversation where I could begin my energy feed and this would be followed later by the blood feed with sex. I lived for this ultimate energy need for many years always living alone and thus kept my strength most of the time, usually falling back on psi feeding when the other was not available to me. And I would say that this is what sustained me over some difficult times when my energy level was low. Now, I have one regular donor whom I feed from, from a couple times a week to several times, depending on when she is available to me. I do not feed on the blood energy much anyone, finding that my psi abilities/feeding with sexual energy provide me enough energy I need for my strength. I am pleased about this arrangement as this donor is quite committed to me and I do not need to hunt as I once did. Maybe it is now my age but then most souls grow with time and therefore change. I believe I have been fortunate most of my life since I was old enough to know of the bloodlust as a child. I knew I was born a vamp and so knew of my destiny early. I still live alone and would not have it any other way. As for the times I have found myself unable to feed, my life suffered from lethargy and low energy levels. I can even recall times I did not even get out of bed. There have been many years since then, but I remember quite clearly the emotional and energy drain. As for the moon, I get an energy boost monthly when it's full and always look forward to this time."

- Damien Daville, Vampire Church

How do we handle the bloodlust we experience?
Some of us have this bloodlust and we must all take care in how we handle it. Firstly, most vampires do not even require or want the blood energy. For those that do, consuming too much of the blood energy is not good for you. Amounts vary. For some it does not take much, it just depends on how strong the bloodlust is running. Some need just a few drops every so often. Others say more of it and more often. If there is an open wound in the mouth, don't ingest another's blood. This is a good guide to go by. Your stomach acid will kill most things, but there is always a risk, so great care should be taken here. There are too many ills that blood can give, most notably AIDS, which has killed too many. The virus scourge is among us and we must take care or we would be fools like so many.

Blood play is indeed a sensual experience between two consenting donors. It has always been so in my experience and I believe most will enjoy it much more this way. Love is important in most safe blood play for many and in order to accept another's blood. Then there is combining the blood fetish with other energy sources such as the life force or pranic energy from sex, makes for a great energy transfer. Vampires have unique powers, empathy and magic being among the strongest. The blood, the life force we crave is the power within it. Through the years, many vampires learn to handle the bloodlust. Yes we drink of the blood of others but do not require it for life and some do not care for it at all. One learns to control this craving to a certain degree. By ingesting too much blood, one could get throat infections, and also become very nauseated. Consuming large amounts of blood, could cause you to become sick and vomit because blood is a natural emetic. In small doses, as I imagine is true with blood, there is a need to feed more frequently. But a strong and well learned psi-vamp has a unique advantage over a blood vamp, they can feed on an unlimited supply at one sitting without any real harm. All vampires are psi- vamps to a degree, they use their mind and body energies to manipulate the life energy they absorb from others to fill the energy deficit that all vamps have. This often includes controlling humans and reading minds, and using the emotional energy to gain the energy needs of life. Most vampires have these abilities, so they could all be referred to as psi-vamps to some extent as few actually drink blood and those that do seem to psionically absorb the life force and energy within the blood. Psi-vamps seem to become a little more energised by draining/contact, but they experience none of the benefits of the blood or sickness as well. Feed well and be safe about it..

Painless Blood-Letting?
There are only really two methods which are really suitable. One is the use of needles or sterile lancets and the other is scalpels. You can get hypodermic needles and syringes from any clinic, pharmacy/chemist, or hospital that is part of a needle exchange program (the UK has an extremely good program of this sort). They will also dispose of used needles. Lancets are provided to diabetics to allow them to test their blood.

Suitable scalpels can be acquired from art shops; boil them if you want extra sterility. Scalpels are much better than knives, because they are so much sharper, thus making the whole thing a lot more painless. Razor blades are also suitable.

For needles, I prefer to take blood out with a suitable size of syringe, although it is possible to set up a catheter, or use a lancet or needle (sans syringe) to pierce a vein, and suck from it directly. The best place to take out blood with a needle is from the vein in the crook of the arm. It's best to get someone to teach you how to do this. You don't want to puncture an artery by accident, or hit a nerve, or end up with bruises all over your arm. Make friends with your friendly local junkie. The needle kits will probably also come with some instructions for finding veins. This will result in no scarring, and any marks should heal up within a day.

Obligatory Safety Notice: The use of clean and sterile works is as important for magicians and vampires as it is for drug users. It's not a good idea to share needles, however clean of disease someone might be - it's rather easier to catch things from needles than it is from drinking blood.
It's only advisable to use a needle a maximum of three times before throwing it away; they blunt rather easily. DO NOT inject someone else's blood, as blood of an incompatible type can and has caused serious problems.

Scalpels tend to cause rather more scarring than needles, as you have to hack through quite a bit of flesh to get at your veins.
Always make a transverse incision (i.e. across the vein, rather than down it), as these heal up more easily, and are less likely to cause severe blood loss. Don't cut too deeply, as you may run the risk of severing tendons.
Some scarring is probably going to result, so make cuts somewhere innocuous.
If you don't need much blood, the back of the hand is surprisingly good, as it heals easily for some reason, you don't have to cut very deep, and no one pays attention to cuts there.

If you're worried about accusations of mental instability, DO NOT cut your forearms. Upper arms are harder to find a vein in, but at least they don't scream suicide attempt.

Vitamin E creams, easily available at your local pharmacy, help heal skin so that scarring doesn't occur.

Some people recommend ankles and feet, but that can be uncomfortable if you wear shoes.

You could also try behind your knees, which I've heard recommended by some. I don't know that much about the best places to use a scalpel, as I always use needles except in emergencies. If you don't have a local needle exchange, dealers in drugs for IV use will often be able to sell you the necessary equipment. If it isn't sealed in a sterile wrapper, DO NOT use it. If you need to use a dagger, it is advisable to boil it, or at least dump a load of medical alcohol over it first.

If you use a scalpel or knife, you'll probably want to have some cut medication handy to help it heal up faster and more painlessly, and to help stave off infection. We recommend Germaline, which has both antiseptic and pain killing properties. It works for lizard scratches, at any rate, and they're a good deal more septic than a cut with a sterile blade. It's also a good idea to swab the area you're about to cut with alcohol - many distributors of needle packs include a box of alcohol wipes with them.


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