What happens when you are turned or awakened?
Sorry, there will be no immortality. But due to the complexity and quality of the immune system, vampires have the inclination to an extended life—maybe 6 or 7 years, maybe seventeen, maybe twenty-seven. I have no complimentary evidence to support this.

On the topic of the undead—a science teacher of mine once said, “If it’s breathing, it’s alive. That is, if it relies on respiration or photosynthesis.”
So vampires are technically non-living, reliant on energy sources? It’s very true that air keeps ‘our vessel’ alive… but what about the entity inside the body? Our soul; our wholeness? Our sanity! Can we then be dissected into two different bodies, the air-reliant ‘vessel’ (body) and the energy-reliant entity which are entwined to produce a single being? This is a topic I have not given much thought of until now; I will write an article on it after compiling some ‘evidence’. >:)

Certain people have a subconscious propensity to vampirism, who are thought of as born with it. Later on in life, when it manifests, it is thought of as an awakening. If a vampire is involved this awakening is thought of as the master vampire ‘turning’ the latent vampire. The manifestation may never transpire for some; but for those in whom it does, at least for Sanguinarians, it most often involves an exchange of blood or simple consumption.

When a Sanguinarian vampire is being awakened, development of blood-thirst; intense sensitivity to bright contrasting lights/temperature are expected. The senses are heightened—including susceptibility of the skin, emotional states, feelings and perceptions, resulting in an acute mental and physical condition. Various gastric/digestive problems commonly develop and you are liable to the ever-paining migraine headache.

The awakened one receives the blood and it’s effects. In turn, their body realises what it has been craving, perhaps due to a chemical reaction or by something biochemical. Whichever the case, the awoken one now knows from the depth of their soul what they desire and need to sustain themselves. It is your everlasting craving. Whether this is a physical change or a side effect of drinking blood, I don’t know. Blood itself may be addictive, to certain people or not at all. I haven’t heard any scientific perceptions on this topic so I’d rather not elaborate on this. Whatever the case, the awakening process is something that occurs over a period of time, and is not instant. The primary physical changes occur, followed by the eventual mental progression.

This, ‘Awakening’, may probably occur out of necessity. Predatorial patterns increase, and this whole thing just seemed to be for the post-latent’s own good—protection, peace, knowledge and ability, for quality of life.

The Awakening of Damien Daville, Vampire Church:

“I remember one day when I was about five years old, I had cut my finger and noticed I was drawn to my own blood. Many people have tasted blood before from a simple cut and thought nothing of it, but I knew the taste gave me a kind of energy which uplifted me. I found in succeeding days and weeks that I would hide in the closet from my parents and feed on my own blood energy. I only needed small amounts so simple cuts were always enough. I knew then that I was different. Later, I met another kid at grade school and I convinced him to meet me behind the athletic playing field (I know what this must sound like) to try "feeding" from the blood of each other with simple cuts. He complied at first but grew disinterested, but would allow me to "feed" from him provided I gave him lunch money or small change. Well..this did not last long. As I grew older in my teenage years, I found I had empathic abilities and was constantly probing the minds of other students in my classes, including the teacher. One of my games was to try to guess what others and the teacher were going to say in school. I found that using this mental energy was a great "high" for me.

"My focus also started to include the emotions of others which I found was a great energy feed, especially while around groups of people where it was an enjoyment to watch the emotional interaction and body language of others. I learned in time to substitute the psychic/empathic and emotional energy for the blood energy which was too often unavailable. I started to now believe I was a natural predator for this energy of others and thought what did that make me.. I began to look into my reading while in high school and search out the meaning behind what made me different. Sure I watched your B rated vampire movies but did not really think myself a vampire, since all I had to go on was the film industry's own attitude of making up whatever for the most money. I looked at history and what different authors had to say about vamps like Vlad and Nosferatu and so many others. But I started to come to the fact that "true" vamps are energy feeders but just of another sort and other abilities. I knew I needed and wanted the empathic/psychic and blood energy to "feel" well and knew it would dominate my life. I also enjoyed watching the body language of others and probing the mental energy and predicting their actions to my benefit. I knew now I was vampire. Becoming an adult in the 1970s found me eagerly searching the nightclub scene for worthy female souls to accommodate my energy needs. Now, I always knew I was heterosexual so my focus has been for the most part of the female souls around me. The next step was to be easy and my most satisfying. I quickly discovered the pranic energy with the energy of sex and once combined with the blood and emotional energy was the greatest energy feed I have ever had. To note, vampires are energy feeders, and in my 44 years, this energy level is a part of my health. The vamp that can adapt to differing kinds of energy from their donors is the one who will keep that health. There is a balance with all and too much is avoided as is too little.”


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