"Techniques are to be developed over the years to shield from unwanted energy as vampires as a slight imbalance in energies can be detrimental to the vampire’s health. This is especially true with PsiVampires where many kinds of energy are "absorbed". Energies to be shielded from are negative forms such as what may be found in the emotions of others and the mental probes of other vampires.

"There have been many methods introduced to help with shield development. Imagination combined with focusing skills are most important in shielding. Some vampires have had success with using light sources such as candles or focusing on one specific object in the room while blocking out other distractions around you. Here you must concentrate on the energy of the candle or other object of your attention and break the effect and impact of the unwanted energy sources. This takes time to develop, but can be done with little effort, especially if you are psychicly inclined. However, these learning techniques may not work for everyone. These are a foundation to developing your own shielding techniques. Once personal skills are well developed and the ability is acquired to separate negative and positive energy, making feeding from emotional energy successful. All things are constantly being bombarded by emotional energy—but it is the vampire who suffers from this the most, being ultra-sensitive. This is why shielding is the paramount necessity. This is what truly separates empathic vampires from ordinary people, i.e. the ability to readily absorb any emotional energy nearby. It is the well-skilled vampire that can shield from the pain of negative emotions and energy probes of other vampires. This of course does not mean all of this energy will not get through. As a well developed empathic vampire I feel the pain of negative emotional energy every day when around other people, but it is kept at a minimum with my shielding ability."

- Damien Daville, Vampire Church


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