"As many of you are aware, it is important that as vampires, we blend in well with the society we are a part of; however, I am not one to give up my individuality expressed in my appearance because of intolerance by elements of this society. This is certainly a balance that we must walk. It would be foolish for the vampire to unnecessarily reveal the vampiric nature to open ridicule and possible harm by those who hold power, whether it is with law enforcement or with those who have the ability to harm us be it in the media or public opinion in our schools.

"The media are manipulators of current events to suite their needs for the public demand. This we must always remember, for they only know what the public has learned from so many films about us that both romanticize us and advocate our demise. We have to deal with the misinformation from not only what the film industry portrays, but the bias of not only media but other professionals who view us as killers much like those who would do the violence that has been so recently done in schools. The reality of nuts and people with a mental aberration remind us that we are easily paired with them just because we may be wearing black or some other article of clothing. I urge everyone in the vamp community to take care while in the public eye for too many have associated us with the objects of their hate. The law enforcement people have the power and bias to do us harm. I have personally experienced this as I am sure many of you have.

"We must both blend in and make wise choices in revealing ourselves to the public and media attention. We know their ignorance and prejudices, and must be wary of them. I also urge that we do not give up our individuality for it is our freedom of expression that establishes a large part of our identity. We are vampires and there is no changing that. We will remain a part of this world and nothing from anyone will change that. It is this balance between being who we are and not succumbing to the ridicule and harm from those with power. I urge all to walk with care and be who you are..

"Having been born a vampire, I have never had a need to interact with RPGer's for any reason. Actually, I find them quite amusing and hear from them often at my online door. One acquires the "vampiric soul" when born and so must awaken to it in the life ahead. All true vamps have their own time line in their awakening and the development of any abilities. I find it becomes easier for me now to know a true vamp from a role player or wannabe-film-mythical vamp. The film industry has mocked what a vampire is for too long. Surely there are some films such as "Blade" which entertain us all well with this mythical image of the vamp. But I still find myself laughing at this view of the film industry and sometimes enjoying what they do. It is also sad that so many I have met really believe that this is who we are. It has been important for me and quite easy to blend in even during some of my feeding. And equally important in my work with the underground vampire community as many attempt to bridge distance and understanding.

"I am very sceptical of these terms "sire" and "embraced" for true vamps of the soul already have what they are and we all are quite equal in who we are in this life. The "blood transfer" to become is a myth. Blood is energy and feeds us, it does not make us. Many awaken at different times of their lives, but they all have one thing in common, and that is they are vampire and were when they came into this world. One of the typical myths of the film industry is to become a vamp by a "bite" or this "blood transfer". I am not concerned by those disbelievers, for I know their minds are usually too far gone by what the film industry would have them believe, but I am concerned with true vamps finding each other. One of the ways is with our unique comp technology which many of us have been wise to take advantage of. We bridge the miles and end may misunderstandings this way. But there will be the infiltration of the RPGer's who have also found this technology a voice for their own mouthpiece of fantasy and imagination. As long as we know the difference, then there is not a danger, for it is us who must make known who the true vamp is. I have know some will "role play" with the RPGer or participate in their "games" as an amusement or just seek an attempt to tell-it-like-it-is. In any event, we have a task in communicating who we are and making us understood."

- Damien Daville, Vampire Church


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