"The public has too long had misconceptions about Vampirism as well as Satanism. This obviously has arisen in large part by the film industry who have convinced too many about this mythical conception of the vampire...where vampires are thought of as immortal souls who prey on other souls for blood with large fangs and whose blood makes others into this immortal creature...where "turned" and "embraced" have come to mean becoming the immortal blood-seeking creature that the film industry has convinced so many to believe.

"Then there are those who say vampirism does not exist because they also have seen too many of the same films that have convinced them that such immortal blood feeders are what vampires are and so just cannot be. So acceptance of vampirism is found little within the public. Vampirism is alive and among you and around you. Vampires are simply energy feeders but of a different sort like no other. Some vamps do enjoy the blood energy of others, but blood is just another form of energy and does NOT "turn" or "embrace" others into vampirism.

"Vampirism is within a person and comes with a person, it is not just something that someone finds one day that is something desired. It is about abilities and needs for an energy source sensed and experienced more intensely than most. Many people "awaken" or come to realize at different times in their life that they have this vampirism. It usually occurs with no help from others and is independent of any influence of anyone.

"Despite what the film industry would have all believe about the vampire not being able to be in daylight, all vamps are normally able to do so with just a minimum if any of some eye or skin irritation. Many just wear sunglasses and "cover up" to function fine in the sun. Vampirism is not affected by crosses or "holy water" or garlic and the other made up things so put out by the film industry. Just like most people, the true vampire is able to mingle quite well with everyone else with few problems, but most do find comfort in the nigh time hours of the evening.

"Not all vamps seek out the blood energy, but many do. It only takes small amounts of blood to give the energy the vamp needs, for in reality ingesting too much blood will render anyone to sickness. But many vamps seek other forms of energy for fulfilment. Many seek out the psychic and empathic energy of other people. There are those who have some empathic ability to experience the emotions of others so intensely that it becomes an energy feeding, although this ability does vary. All people radiate energy through body and verbal expression that a vampire can pick up very well and use such energy for self benefit. True vampires also pick up on the elemental energy of natural occurrences in weather and the moon for example for energy. More of this form of energy is usually needed for fulfilment than what is gained in the blood energy. Blood or pranic energy is more dense and fulfilling quicker whereas psychic energy usually takes longer to fulfil a vampire's needs.

"Vampirism is not governed by any specific religion, although many vamps have traditional religious convictions. Religion is not a necessity for vampirism but can exist alongside it. Religion and your belief system is a choice and vampirism is a life. As long as the film industry continues to produce the "mythical" vampire movies for all to see, these misconceptions will continue. Pictures of people with long fangs bombard us, but this is not true vampirism. Most true vampires do not need sharp teeth. Through the greedy film industry's desire to "sell" it's product, real vampirism will suffer from this type of attention getting that the film industry so needs. It is up to those who like us know about their vampirism and live it, to fight the ridicule and romanticism that the film industry brings to vampirism.

"Vampires are very intense lovers as the energy exchange for vampires is intense. We must also remember that there will also be those whose religious fanaticism would lead some to attempt to end the life of those whom they may believe is this mythical and evil creature that their "bibles" and the film industry would have them believe. Thus there is a balance between teaching others of true vampirism and the protection of self. This is where we as true vampires must join and work together to dispel the misconceptions of vampirism.
Carpe intemptestata nox.."

- Damien Daville, Vampire Church


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