What is vampirism?
Vampirism is a way of life created from unique abilities and needs the psychic and pranic energy others have; not because it’s theirs, but because they rely upon these resources from others to stay healthy. A vampire is born to this life, and will usually "awaken" or become aware of it as time unfolds. The life of Vampirism cannot be given or forced upon someone, either through bloods or any other means—but a person can be helped into understanding the life they have to face, and may be brought up and learned by one more experienced. The need to fill the psionic energy void of the vampire is a very tangent and very real one. They have the ability to make use of the energy of pranic sources such as that in blood and sex; psychic sources such as that in the emotions of others; and earth sources such as the energy found in weather events such as storms. Vampirism is unique in the reliance on energy because the energy sources are sought out and tend to their own health.

What are some falsities of vampirism?
The Hollywood industry has been held primarily at fault for these misconceptions. We have all seen how ‘..vampires are immortal... declined to sunlight’. We have all heard that ‘...garlic and crosses are maliciously threatening and harmful to the vampire...staking will kill a vampire…’ etc. All of which are most certainly deceitful and incorrect; excepting the last. Staking a vampire in the heart will indeed send it to its demise; but then again, if I rushed a pointed weapon through your own heart would you not die?
The most infamous delusion concerns creation/turning/embrace. “Johnny, I’m going to blood-bite you! *ta-da!* You’re a vampire!!” Vampirism will only be with a person from the day they were born, still through manifestation, until their demise. There is no other way of this lifepath.

What is psychic vampirism?
Psychic vampirism is coerced by a vital source dire to the true vampire. It’s having the aptness for absorbing energy from the mental and emotional energies of others. Psychic vampirism moulds the energy of other sources in the environment (e.g. animals, weather events, changes in the earth and moon) into something beneficial to the vampire. Psychic vampirism is very common, found in some form in almost all true vampires.

What is pranic vampirism?
Pranic vampirism is coerced by another vital need of the true vampire. The sources principally evolve around the energies in blood and sexual contact. Pranic sources are the quickest to satisfy, and require smaller amounts than psychic sources. The vampire's energy needs are rapidly met due to the density of direct contact with this energy. Many vampires combine pranic and psychic abilities. This then makes two sources for feeding, for when one source is unavailable.

What are some safe blood feeding techniques?
Powerfully sterilised lancets and scalpels are commonly recommended. Razor blades are usable, but harder to keep perfectly sterile and sharp. Peroxide can be used to sterilise and incisions should be small and not on the bone or creased skin. Amounts of blood needed by the vampire varies, depending on the bloodlust. Some feeders need only a few drops every few days, while others need more of it more often.
Blood is a natural emetic, so a substantial quantity will cause vomiting. The feeder has to have complete assurance as to the health of the donor. Deadly blood diseases such as AIDS is something to be critically aware of. Be careful of infections in the mouth and direct contact with the wound and blood. Some feeders place the blood in small cups and mix with a red wine. Health and safety are the paramount issues here.

What are some health problems associated with vampirism?
Because vampirism is based on needed energy sources, true vampires can suffer without them. Symptoms and problems vary from vampire to vampire. Headaches or severe migraines and general tiredness and irritability are common; others experience depression and insomnia or irregular sleep patterns. Many also become more sensitive to sunlight and temperature changes, and some may experience blood sugar fluctuations. This by no means infers that you are yo stay out of the sun—on the contrary. It is the sun which is used by our bodies to produce vitamin D, a dire need, of which there is no supplement for! Try to get at least 20 minutes of Sun a day, not necessarily direct.
Vampires are very emotional creatures, and are majorly affected when there is a lack of available emotional energy. It is important to note that vampirism is directly related with the health of a person and so makes up an important element of that person's well being.

What is shielding?
Shielding is creating a barrier against unwanted energy. This is an important element to the emotional vampire, relating directly to their health. As energy feeders, vampires are greatly affected by surrounding energy. Some of this energy can be detrimental, especially for psychic vampires who absorb many kinds of energies. There are negative forms of energy such as what may be found in the emotions of others and the mental probes of other vampires. Learning shielding techniques is of upmost importance to any psychic vampire's health. There have been many methods introduced to help with shielding development; generally imagination combined with focusing personal skills. Some vampires have had success with using light sources such as candles, or focusing on one specific object in the room and blocking out other distractions—but what works for one may not work for another. Generally, these approaches are a foundation for developing your own shielding abilities.

What do vampires face in society?
The most important problem vampires have is acceptance and understanding. Remember, that misconceptions abound with the public's perception of vampires. Vampires are ridiculed as not being believable and so many are denied the recognition and understanding important for any person. Then many have to deal with the misconceived notions and ideas of what vampirism is not. Combine that with personal relationships and family rejection, and you have an uphill fight for the vampire. Many stay in the "closet" for fear of these and other problems. Of major concern is the hate and threats that come from a too closed ultra right religious society. Vampires are too often attacked in public and misunderstood in family and personal relationships. It has become a life long pursuit of some to help dispel these public and personal attitudes. - Damien Daville, VC

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