"Some vampires who claim to be psi-vamps, use their mind and body energies
to manipulate the life energy they absorb to a purpose. This often includes controlling humans and, reading minds, and generally getting what they want out of life. Most vampires can do these things, so they could all be classed as psi-vamps as few actually drink blood and even they seem to psionically absorb the life force within the blood. Psi-vamps seem to become a little more energised by draining/contact, but they experience none of the benefits of the blood. Physical enhancements do not occur in psi-vamps. Merely an overall rush and/or emotional enhancement. True there are generally exceptions to the rule, but I haven't found them yet. I have found haem and psi vamps being in the same person. That is to say - one person being both. This is more what I perceive the 'real' vampire as being. One who gets an emotional rush, able to drain will/emotion, manipulate a subject and drink from a subject to glean the enhancements that the blood brings. I still think that while there are emotional and perhaps other mental highs associated with the psi-vamp, I am trying to see a manner of sustaining life and enhancing physicality with psi-vampirism. There may indeed be something more non-corporeal involved - another elusive fact I suspect. I would be interested to note if there are any life-sustaining or physical-enhancing properties to purely psi-vampirism. I have found that psi-vamps are energy/emotion drainers. Also manipulators. Whilst they are not so much a vampire in the traditional sense, they do exhibit vampiric behaviour only in as much as to take 'sustenance' from another. As a matter of fact some psi-vamps actually manipulate situations so that the emotional high can be sustained and/or brought on so that they will have something to feed off.

- Damien Daville, Vampire Church


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