"Well..... This is a good question and a concern of just about all psychic vampires. Having psychic ability and the ability to project it into another's energy space in an unwanted matter is and can be a problem among many with psychic vampirism. I have for most of my 45 years had time to develop my psychic and empathic vampirism to a level where I have not only experienced such psychic attacks on my energy space but I have also developed some effective defensive techniques against them. Those with unwelcome energy advances on your energy space have the ability to probe another's energy space and effectively "steal" massive amounts of emotional energy. This of course is only possible if the "victim" allows it.

"I recall the last time I was visiting New Orleans, I was at the Club, the Crystal, where another vampire was there and we both were aware of each other. He reacted to my presence as an invasion of his territory and proceeded to psychically attack me. His methods were crude but would be effective with any inexperienced vampire. He walked around me and used his psychic skill to probe and disturb my energy space. I was aware of his actions. Any defence here will involve how skilled you are at "shielding" yourself from such energy attacks. Remove the other person's focus on your energy by focusing your energy on other sources in your immediate environment. This could be other people and inanimate objects in the room nearby. By focusing your energy elsewhere, you restrict another person's ability to take it, thus preventing another's attempts at psychic draining. Do not try to match a psychic attack with another. This just causes energy draining in both people. The key to deflecting another's energy and keeping yours is by focusing your energy elsewhere. If the attack continues, focus your energy more on an interaction with someone with you that you know is a friend, or just some other person nearby. Such a friendly energy interaction causes a break-up of the offending person's energy. Now, in my example, I took this a step further. I do not recommend you do this unless you are a very well developed psychic vampire with good shielding abilities. I proceeded to disrupt his energy attack even further by entering his energy space. By moving my physical location about the club even nearer to his energy space, I forced him to use more of his energy and weaken him, where I then proceeded to "feed" off of his energy expenditure with my own psychic ability. Energy disruption is like a cat and mouse game, you just out do the offending person's energy attack on yours by taking that other person's energy as a food source for yourself, thus draining the offending person. In my case, I eventually caused disruption of the other vampire's energy causing him to leave the physical space he held and vacating the Club.

"I do not recommend this kind of action unless you are confident of your psychic and shielding abilities. You could get drained even more. I do not appreciate another vampire's attempts to psychically drain me, and I do not tolerate it. I believe I am justified in draining the other and I am able to do so effectively. I have only found two vampires who have attempted such a psychic attack on me in the last six months. Both left the area. If you are ever in this situation, try the focused energy techniques I have described here. Taking care to be aware of others is the first step towards avoidance of another's energy and a potentially harming situation. As a psychic vampire, you must be wary of the energy of other people around you. Even those who are not vampires can give you chaotic unwanted energy and shielding is an ability you must develop and use with you when you are among other people and other energy sources. For more information on energy shielding, I have an archive of my articles which I can share with you. Feel free to contact me further... "

- Damien Daville, Vampire Church


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