PsiVampirism is the draining and/or absorbing energy or vitality from people, often although not always against their will or without their knowledge.

Psychic vampires are individuals who drain others of vital energy. They can loosely be divided into two groups: conscious and unconscious psychic vampires.
Unconscious psychic vampires (latents) are fairly common. A typical variety, latents are often unaware of their vampiric actions. They have been described as individuals who typically make others feel obliged to them for no reason other than possibly guilt, who leave one feeling emotionally drained almost by their very presence—and who, while specifically making no demands upon you, will have you running about at their beck and call without offering anything in return.
Other unconscious psychic vampires, who are possibly more accurately termed than the above, are those who unknown to themselves instinctively drain energy from those around them. The symptom of emotional (and sometimes physical) exhaustion after being in their presence for a while is typical. Instead of making use of the energy they take, unconscious vampires disperse it uselessly into their surrounding environment.

Conscious psychic vampires are those who deliberately take energy from others, either by visualisation or by some instinctive ability to drain the victim’s aura. Another entity occasionally termed a psychic vampire is an incorporeal being which, while distinct from related entities such as Succubi, draws energy in a similar way to their human counterparts. These frequently seem to be rogue thought-forms created from the subconscious of a disturbed individual (who may be able to communicate with them).


"I am a well developed psychic and empathic vampire. I have gone this path for nearly 30 years due to a lack of reliable pranic donors for blood vampirism. Psychic vampirism is a less reliable energy source as it is less dense and more chaotic then the pranic sources of blood and sex. It is also more difficult to develop and control. In short, one uses abilities to recognize the mental and emotional energies of other people and to then benefit from the "absorption" of these energies. It takes more of the psychic energies to fulfil the energy needs as apposed to the pranic sources. Psychic energy may be picked up from the words of another as well as the emotional energy present. Some psychic vampires can also perceive the energy "halos" around other people and so can sense the level of energy present.

"All people give all this energy around you, it is just most people do not "see" it enough to be able to benefit from it for health. The psychic vampire differs from just a "psychic" in that in psychic vampirism there is a need for this energy for health just as in any vampirism. The empathic vampire has a natural ability. An empathic easily "absorbs" the emotions of others and so experiences those emotions when displayed nearby. This entails sensing both negative based emotions such as depression and forms of anger and positive emotions such as in laughter and joy. So what effects the vampire here are both positive and negative effecting emotions.

"With the ability of being an empath, a skilled vamp can psychically "draw" upon the energy of the emotions thus experienced from these people. One must however learn how to dispose of unwanted emotional energy in favour of the positive emotional energy. This will take time in learning how to shield oneself against the negative emotions and also to dispel that energy. As in any shielding, you know that there is methodology in this process using focusing and imaginative skills. So what may work well for one may not work so well for another. Once shielding skills are well developed and the ability is acquired to separate out that emotional energy that is desired, can psychic feeding off of emotional energy be successful. As are all souls, vamps are bombarded by emotional energy constantly when around other people, it is the vamp who is sensitive to that energy and so becomes it. This is what truly separates empathic vamps from ordinary people, i.e.. the ability to readily absorb any emotional energy nearby.

"So with the positive comes the negative and the "pain". It is the well skilled vamp that can shield the pain of negative emotions so to avoid them. This of course does not mean some of this energy will get thru. I as a well developed empathic vamp feel the pain of negative emotional energy every day when around other people, but it is kept at a minimum with my shielding ability. Now getting back to feeding. Emotional energy is perhaps one of the more intensive psychic feeding sources along with maybe elemental sources from storms or some other earth energy. I have been quite able for many years to feed well on both as a psychic vampire and stay my health well. There is a balance here as in all things. I have learned over many years how to keep that balance without extremes. That has taken many years to develop. A successful psychic feeder is rare, simply because the energy sources are less dense than the pranic and larger amounts are needed both in quality and quantity. Every day/night I psi feed off people and my environment as one who has learned to use a developed ability to acquire this energy, and as one who has learned what part of this energy I benefit from and how to use this energy for that benefit. Psychic vampirism is much more difficult to develop and use for these reasons. I had the ability as a teen and saw it, and then knew to learn to use it. Three decades later, I feed well with it. let me know if you have any further questions.."

- Damien Daville, Vampire Church


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