Describe a demon by his character and work
A demon is an incorporeal, emotional being; loyal to Satan; powerful; and intelligent. He differs from loyal angels in terms of employments, moral qualities, and place of residence.

Discuss the controversy of Genesis 6. Were the Sons of God demons? Why? Were the Sons of God mere humans? Why?
Theologians argue that the Sons of God, spoken of in Genesis 6, are giants, angels, Sethite men with Canaanite women, special created beings, and demons. It could be humans, meaning the sons of Seth and the daughters of Cain, but then the daughters of Seth are not included. It could be angels, but angels are the "elect" and have already been tested. Based on the Book of Jude, a strong likelihood is that the Sons of God were demons.

What is the present activity of demons?
Demons create ecclesiastical division, cause mental disorders, lead people into temptation, discourage believers, teach false doctrines, blind the minds of unbelievers, engage in spiritual battles, carry out God's Will, and possess people.

Can demons possess believers? What is the relationship of demons to believers?
Demons cannot possess believers because believers are already possessed by the Holy Spirit.

Compare the process of a believer being filled with the Holy Spirit to
the process of a person giving himself to evil to be demonically possessed.

The believer hears the Gospel and responds by accepting. At that point, the Holy Spirit indwells and literally possesses the person. The person who is possessed by demons is exposed to evil and chooses that path. Demons do not always enter into the person, but the person has made a way for them to do so. Such demons would possess that same area of the person as the Holy Spirit possesses in the believer.

What are the false theories of demon possession?
The Mythical Theory - Jesus did not really expel demons. These are only myths.
The Accommodation Theory - Jesus told His audience that He was dispelling demons because they would not know any better. Crowds were superstitious, and they lacked understanding.
The Hallucination Theory - The person out of whom the demon had come only thought that he or she had been possessed.
The Non-Existent Today Theory - If demons are not expelled today, then they never were. (i.e: demons never existed to *be* expelled)

How are demons worshipped?
Demon worshippers practice divination, necromancy (black magic), magic, sorcery, witchcraft and/or astrology.

What is the process of exorcism?
Casting out demons must be done by God. The person with the demon must want the demon to be exorcised, the demon must be exposed as a demon, and the person must make a conscious choice to follow God.

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