My face is as pale as the blanch snow that falls;
The trees are unyielding
As is the scouring breeze
Which, temporarily, sleeps behind thick soft clouds
And blinding mist and fog.

Icy is my heart
And impenetrable hail pelts downward
Like my glare at a boy
Who laughs like the Summer...



....Thanks for coming....

The poem above, "Winter", is probably one of my favourites I have written. I love poetry and writing. I also have a deep affection for The Arts - dance, music and art. I love the piano, cello and ballet... I adore arthouse movies and the big city... my favourite author is Edgar Allan Poe, and favourite story 'Ligeia'. My fondest memories are when I was a child in South Australia where I lived practically on the beach. Sunset was always my favourite time of day and I have a fascination with the elements and nature so this was a perfect time for me.

Hobbies... hmm, for the past year or so I've been sat in a room with my face stuck to the computer monitor.
I should think this was brought on by the
awakening. I'm still in the closet. Well, meant to be anyway, before some poor idiot snatched my diary where I had been writing everything on my awakening and let it be handed around. People just don't understand how much we as energy manipulators can achieve, and how much power we have access to. Or maybe they do and that's why they're scared, heh. *zap!* I have only just started to grasp the reality of everything and I'm only just coming to terms with my abilities and how paramount particular things are to my health, well-being and... sanity.

I do tend to spend a lot of time philosophising to myself about being a vampire and coping with that outside the vampiric community. Who knows how vampires previously dealt with things in the past? Well, I assume with violence... My latest debate is about mental disorders and whether they are the result of humans trying to clinically explain vampires/the effects of vampirism... Ahh, let's change the topic before I delve into one of my 24-hr debates.

Birth name: Stephanie Kathleen Freer

Birth date: November 28, 1983

Home town: Hull, England

Idols: Jewel Kilcher, people who have written wise quotations, Tori Amos, Princess Di

Most Favoutite Person: The most wonderful person in the world, the one person I'm so incredibly in love with. Venik, there isn't a moment that goes by when I don't think of you. I can wake up in the morning and want to live the day through because I am waiting for the day to come when will be together. I am holding on so strongly, I promise my love and my self to you for as long as you are willing to have it. Every day that passes is a day closer to being with you, Ven, and thank you so very much for letting me be a part of your life.

Person you most respect: Janet Turczynowiz. She is a wise, sweet lady, very beautiful. A lovely disposition, a lovely home, the kindest person I have ever met. Introduced me to herbal tea, listens to Classical music by candlelight, meditates, takes care of her garden and her cats. A very amazing lady.

...I adore the rainforst and the ocean...

Favourite kind of music: Trip-Hop, Classical, Acid

Favourite artists: Portishead, Nine Inch Nails, Jewel, Chopin, Tool

Favourite colours: black.... teal, dark blue, yellow

Most prized possessions: my computer, my set of two crystal Unicorns, my Clock radio (which is the same model as the one used in The Matrix - Neo's alarm clock :)

Favourite number: 2

...I adore children and animals...

Religion: Baptised as an Anglican although I do not practise it.
Here are some guidelines I like to follow:

- to Love and Be Loved

- to Move Amongst the Stars while staying on Earth

- to Harm None

- to Better someone's Day

- to Share and Give, while Receiving all the while

- to See Beyond the Barriers

- to Not Give my Opinion or Advice unless I am Asked

- to Not Tell my Troubles to Others unless I am Sure they Want to Hear them

- when at another's Home, to Show the Family Respect or else Do Not Go there

- to Not Take that which Does Not Belong to Me Unless it is a Burden to the Other

- to Not Complain about Anything to which I Need Not subject myself to

- to be Honourable, or Nothing at All

- to Accept Others who are Not

Favourite drink: Ribena Blackcurrent Syrup

Favourite animals: Palaminos, Panther, Angelfish, white Chinchilla, my dog Jelly Belly.

Favourite movies: Edward Scissorhands, The Matrix, Blade

Favourite flower: White lotus flower, water lillies

Favourite car: Ferrari 355 - 3.5 litre 5-valve per cylinder ra ra ra...

Fave dance: Asia-Pacific/Malaysian traditional dancing

Whole or skim milk? Skim with extra protein

Simple or Complicated? Complicated

Read or write? Write

Rather Stay up late or wake up early? Stay up late in Summer, wake up early in Autumn

Rather the Sun or the Moon? Moon

Rather Low fat or fat free? Low fat - fats are still important.

Silver jewellery or gold? warm Gold

Cat or dog? cat and dog, and fish, and horses and turtles; how about a zoo...

Half empty or half full? Half-Empty, so you look forward to filling it

Newspaper or magazine? I prefer a Newspaper.

Sandals or sneakers? Sandals

Happy & poor, or rich & sad? Happy and poor.

Hug or kiss? hug

Live or die? LIVE!!

Eat or sleep? Sleep

Cherry or apple? grapes!

In a relationship? no..

What's the most pain you've ever been in? Broken heart. I mean, leg.

Do you have a job? Demi Pair for three boys aged 8, 11 and 12

Follower or a leader? Leader

Rather eat at home or out? At home

Do you drink? Not enough to say I 'drink'.

Do you drive? I can't yet, no.

Do you smoke or take LSD? No way,it's not even worth bringing up with me, not even for astral purposes. I dont think its essential for vampires to take mind-altering substances due to their energy manipulative abilities - I'm pretty sure if you wanted to get high, you could figure out how to do it with the energies. I do have understandment however for Sanguinarians where some drugs can take the edge off blood cravings.

Is your writing messy or neat? Neat and dare I say decorative

Favourite place to go? Sit beside the River near my house and listen to the birds sing.

Below: A graphic I created which was a few months ago published in a lifestyle mag.

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